Immune by marriage

A bird flu epidemic broke out in the West Coast of Norway. All health workers were strongly urged to get vaccinated. A nurse from Osteroy objected strongly. It is not necessary for me to take the vaccination. I am immune to bird flu, she said. She was examined and it was right as she had said. She was immune. How could it be that you are immune to bird flu, asked the doctor who examined her.
For 35 years, she told, I have been married to a cuckoo from Lindas.

Without a chance
Now that mom is going to move in with us, we perhaps ought to find a bigger house, said the wife to her husband one day. I don’t think that will be any use, answered her husband, she will find us anyway.

Personal record
The phone rang and the wife answered it. After ten minutes she hung up. I must congratulate you with personal record in short telephone conversation, said her husband.
Yes, explained the wife, it was one that had dialed wrong number.

The start was a little difference of opinions about a trifle. But the following conversation developed to the quarrel of their life. Now I pack and travel to an island in the Pacific, announced the husband. There the women pay a man 100 kroner each time he makes love to her.
An hour later the man came down to the exit door with his suitcase and discovered that his wife stood there, she too with a packed suitcase. Where are to going, he asked. I am going to the same island in the Pacific that you are going to. Why, he asked. I am going there, she answered, to see how you will manage with 200 kroner a year.

She had been a politician for the whole of her career, both as a member of parliament and in government. Now she had retired and had written a book about her life at the top of power in society. The book became a bestseller and everybody talked about it. One day she participated in a banquet. A famous male politician from another party was there also and he said to the now famous author. I liked your book, who wrote it for you? The woman put on her broadest smile and answered: So nice that you liked my book, who read it for you?

A woman tells that she one day threw a coin into a wishing well wishing nothing – nothing of cooking, nothing of housework, nothing of child care, nothing of responsibility. And suddenly she became a man.

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